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Bermuda Shorts

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bermuda Shorts was founded in 1990 by Trevor Murphy. It was the first animation company to pioneer the concept of representing individual directors to bring their specific vision to projects rather than just providing a technical service. Experimentation on short films and pop promos creates innovative ideas that feed into highly distinctive commercial work, which in turn enables the creative work to continue. Any project whether a TV title, a short live action drama, concert visuals or TV series, is a unique opportunity to explore and innovate in the Directors style.

A network of state of the art desktop computer technology enables directors to work quickly and intuitively with teams of artists in an ever evolving range of styles, keeping all aspects of production in-house.

Bermuda is continually expanding its Directors roster and today it exclusively represents styles and techniques ranging from 3D (CGI), stop frame, traditional 2D, treated live action, photo montage, After Effects and Flash Animation.

The Studio's reputation for award-winning commercial work attracts such clients as Volkswagen, Orange, Bayer, Kraft, Budweiser, Proctor & Gamble, Coca Cola, American Express, Nestle, MTV, BBC and The Fox Network.

With their techniques and creative talent Bermuda continues to expand the boundaries of animation across all forms of media.

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