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Wieden+Kennedy seeking

Thursday, November 29, 2007

This might just be your chance to have some fun while producing great work. I'll be giving it a shot myself.
Good luck guys.

What W+K say about seeking:
With only one ad running so far (THEME magazine, which came out 4 days ago), the site's already generated hundreds of submissions. More ads coming in BITCH, ALARM and GIANT ROBOT.

After people submit their profile, we request a 20 page pdf - which can be as much or as little like a traditional portfolio as they decide to make it.

We hope to get 1000+ pdfs that we narrow down to 50 or so. Then we'll invite those people in to meet. We may try to link them together in some sort of social network. Maybe we'll hire a few.

If you're interested, visit the link above.

Via: welcome to optimism

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