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Bloody cute Valentine's day animation

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shannon (glossy) had this really cool animation sent to her by Psyop. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time, and who knows, you might want to share it with someone special or just be a cool colleague of friend.

Psyop, New York (USA)
Directors: Todd Mueller and Jon Saunders
Design: Jon Saunders
Storyline: Pete Sickbert-Bennett, Todd Mueller, Jon Saunders
Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Producer: Nathan Jew
Animation: Damon Ciarelli, Helen Choi, Eric Luhta
Modeling/Rigging: Tony Barbieri, Lee Wolland, Joon Lee
Compositing: Danny Kahaji
Editorial: Brett Goldberg
Sound Design: Amber Music
Music Track: "Love in My Pocket" by VHS or Beta
Special thanks: Brian Long at Yes Know Management

Via: glossy

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