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People Tree

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

People Tree might pop-up in a lot of posts today all around the web, as it's Blog Action Day. Anyway, I didn't know about this shop till I was looking around on the web a few minutes ago for a cool fair trade shop to post about. Found this one, I think its worth a look as they sell some simple, yet very nice t-shirts, and other clothing items. And it's fair trade, so, not only are they nice items, they will also be good for your karma :p

Here's People Tree's mission statement:

* To support producer partners' efforts towards economic independence and control over their environment and to challenge the power structures that undermine their rights to a livelihood.
* To protect the environment and use natural resources sustainably throughout our trading and to promote environmentally responsible lifestyles and environmental initiatives to create new models to promote sustainability.
* To supply customers with good quality products, with friendly and efficient service and build awareness to empower consumers and producers to participate in Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable solutions.
* To provide a supportive environment to all stakeholders and promote dialogue and understanding between them.
* To set an example to business and the government of a Fair Trade model of business based on partnership, people-centred values and sustainability.

If you know any other worthy fair trade shops, let me know.

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