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Rendered Speechless

Friday, October 16, 2009

I adore fashion photography. Ever since I was a young girl I remember being swept away in a dream world of the beautiful dresses and high romance of the Conde Nast empire. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a brilliant picture, I believe is worth even more. One picture can evoke the passion to forget fear and go for your dream. One picture can allow you to escape to a world where anything is possible. One picture can change your take on life.
In 1856 Countess de Castiglione modeled her fashionable wardrobe for a private collection, when published she became the first official fashion model, making Pierre Louise Pierson the first known fashion photographer. *compliments of wikipedia*

Thomas Lagrange captures great emotion in this colorful piece.

Irving Penn creates a rushed sense of a lady being fashionably late for a rendezvous. The mid motion pose frames the joys of city life: taking pleasure in the whirlwind of society.
Through my research I learned that Cecil Beaton not only worked for many years photographing Audrey Hepburn but also costumed for my favorite Hepburn movie, My Fair Lady, as well as Gigi! He was certainly a man of many talents. Here, he perfectly captured the essence of Eliza Dolittle with the simple tilt of her head.

Sante Forlano finds a way to enjoy the rainy days in New York.

Richard Avidon creates such a nice composition with his juxtaposition to the wild roughness of nature verses the soft elegance of this couture gown. It really makes the model look like the most curvy exquisite woman.

Tim Walker has definitely become a genius of today's fashion scene. Bringing to print the whimsical romance that all girls relate to.

Annie Leibovitz is my favorite fashion photographer, she is so conceptual in her direction, composition, and execution. She has an amazing eye for capturing the true essence of any fairytale and making pop off of the page. She has a very unique eye for celebrity portraiture, rather than simply snapping a photo she creates a story. Also, she possesses a knack for bringing surrealism to life with a perfect blend of believability. You can easily relate to her characters, and in the moments your eyes linger on her photos you become instantly a part of her world. She is truly an artist.

Who is your favorite photographer (fashion or otherwise)? Who inspires you to action?

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