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That Mother Chucker!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I don't know about you, but when Sex and the City stopped filming, suddenly television had lost it's leading stylist. Well, in the last few years a new star show has risen to claim what I believe will be the next lead for fashion forward icons: Gossip Girl. Costume designer Eric Daman has done a fantastic job at creating a look for each character that perfectly places their personality and statement to the world. My favorite of all the cast is by far Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick. Every episode he takes me to a whole new level of standards for what men should be dressing like today.

Eric Daman has truly channeled the classic men's prep look from the 1950s with an upper east side modern twist. I am usually at a loss of words for how exquisite his wardrobe is. Guys, listen up!
Pocket square. Classic Chuck staple. Anytime there is a suit, there is a pocket square, perfect for popping color to whatever the occasion calls for. *compliments blog.iamchuckbass.com*
Suspenders. Men just don't seem to wear them anymore, but I'd like to call for a comeback. Personally, I think a man in a suit with suspenders is so sexy, its truly dapper in every sense of the word. *compliments of splendicity.com*
Color. Whether its a statement velour coat, or show stopping pants, one thing is for sure, Chuck Bass does not fear color. He has worn everything from a lavender suit to bright purple pants and a yellow cardigan. He is confidant in himself and his style and totally pulls it off. Its nice to see a man in something other than neutrals, or the generic blue. *compliments of nymag.com*
Accessorize. Hat and ascot...yes please! Often known to be sporting a fedora (my personal favorite) Chuck is always properly accessorized. He knows no outfit is complete without the finishing touches. Cue his trademark red, white, and blue silk scarf. Which brings me to another thought, can men please start wearing ascots again? You don't have to be Mr. Darcy to wear it, look how modern Chuck looks...with an ascot. Also, don't forget nice shoes, nothing ruins a look like drab shoes. Yes, people notice your shoes! *compliments of stylesilove.blogspot.com*
Attitude. Of all the outfits in his expensive closet, the one thing Chuck Bass never leaves the house without is his attitude. It is 50% Smooth Talker, 50% Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn. He knows what looks good and he will wear it, and anyone that crosses his path beware, nothing says "Run for the hills" like a Chuck Bass upset. This outfit is a personal favorite of mine. Its very Humphrey Bogart meets the 21st century. The black lapel and pant piping are great details to this classic look. Then paired with a neck scarf for a GQ look, and aviators for casualness, its perfect! *compliments of latimes.com*

He may be the guy you hate to love, and love to hate, but at least he looks good doing it. Here's to Chuck Bass our modern day Cary Grant.

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