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Up, Up, and Away Amelia!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I flew around the coast of France today! It was very neat, and the next blue sunny day we have, I get to learn to pilot myself! I am looking forward to this adventure for sure! It was so neat to see all the quaint French towns from the air...I even got to see England on the horizon across the English Chanel. Here are some pictures of my adventure. *Please don't steal them, thanks!*

This hangar was built by Americans during World War II. Crazy!
I'm loving it!
The French country side looks a lot like America's...with better architecture.
May I introduce you to the French Coast...and the English Channel. I love beaches no matter where I go!

The map, you know, just in case.
Cap Gris Nez (Gray Nose).
The clouds broke up a little, it was nice.
I'm so glad the sun rays turned out in the pictures! It was the perfect end to the day! Hopefully, that sunny day for pilot lessons isn't too far off. Where have your flying adventures been?

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