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Smörgåsbord of Swedish Love

Friday, November 13, 2009

It has certainly been an exciting and fantastic Autumn. Filled with lots of new places, new people, and new food. This year has definitely been shaping up to a more pivotal year than I thought it would be on January 1st, but that is the beauty in life I suppose, its unpredictable. For example I was pleasantly surprised that I loved Sweden as much as I did which is why my Stockholm trip was definitely a two post job! So enjoy part deux (or I suppose "del två" in swedish)!

Stockholm had so many whispful trees full of brilliant fall colors, it really gave me that nice Fall Feeling so I am good to survive the bare Winter. Which also included plenty of yummy to-go latte's, I have really missed those since my move to France.

Stockholm's outdoor museum, Skansen, had many pretty scenes of traditional Swedish living from all areas of the country. This one made me feel like I was back in the Smokey Mountains. I love that.

Skansen also had old trade workers, like blacksmith and glass blowing. I really enjoyed the glass blowing shop! It is a craft I have always wanted to try, how they can make such intricate, delicate things out of melted sand and metal rods is beyond me! What is your hidden desire?
Since I have family in Sweden, I had many Swedish toys I collected from them over the years of my childhood, one of which was a Viking Line piggy bank. It was neat to see it in person!
At the end of the trip I stopped into Stockholm's Absolute Icebar. It was awesome! Everything is made out of ice inside, ice sculpture seats, the actual bar, even your cocktails are served in glasses made out of ice! Definitely the most unique bar I have ever been!
Reindeer are herded in the North of Sweden by a native Swedish tribe. Of course Santa's reindeer were taking a nice tropical (for them) break in the South of Sweden and resting up before their imminent globe trotting in about a month. This is Vixen, he can't wait to see your roof! Oh, and I made sure for him to put a good word in to Santa for all my readers! No coal for anyone this year, unless maybe they are charcoal over the knee boots!

I am so excited that the holidays are here, it is my favorite time. I am a little worried since I will be away from my family for the first time. What is your favorite thing about the holidays? Any fun traditions?

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