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Not The Same

Friday, December 11, 2009

There is a Spanish clothing line that has blown up in popularity here in France and I must admit I would love a piece from this eclectic line. Since 1984, Thomas Meyer has made it his mission to "Dress people, not bodies" and he has done just that with an energetic line that exudes emotion and makes heads turn. Although not everything in the line is for me, I admire how exubrant and fun all of the clothes are. And so, I present to you: Desigual (which means: unequal).

I would love to have my guy wearing this blazer. It is subtle enough to still be somewhat preppy, but with a few patchwork touches to catch your eye. I love it.

And finally the coat I am absolutely lusting over...if only it wasn't 300 euros...

*photos compliments of Desigual*

What would you strut your stuff in?

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