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Urban Obsession

Thursday, December 3, 2009

One of my favorite things about shopping is the thrill of the hunt. I love leisurely walking around and discovering beautiful things. One of my favorite stores to do this in is Urban Outfitters! The Free People/Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie company has allowed so much room for creativity in each of their locations and it really makes for a thrilling shopping experience. Also, a benefit to them, I will still go in these stores when I travel, because I know it will not be the same thing I am used to.

Here is Urban Outfitters Stockholm. It was an old cinema converted into a rock awesome boutique! The entrance has huge movie posters of products, and their name in lights.
Then the interior has this gorgeous theatre ceiling and spiral staircase! It is so dreamy.
What's your favorite Urban Outfitters location?

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