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Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Make up Style presents Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection 2008

Bobbi Brown’s holiday palettes
are always a must have for me. I was so excited to see what she had in store for us this year. Let me just tell you, she does not fail to deliver! There are so many things available that time does not allow me to comment on each of them. Below are highlights of some of my favorites, but you can go to BobbiBrown.com to see all that Bobbi has for us this holiday season.
Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection 2008

Today at Macy’s I picked up my first piece from the Bobbi Brown holiday collection. How could I resist the Lip & Eye Palette? Packed with 4 new and exclusive Metallic Eye Shadows and 4 new and exclusive lip colors, this palette is definitely the star in the whole holiday line, well at least in my eyes! It also included a mini eye shadow brush and a mini lip brush. Everyone knows that I am absolutely in love with Bobbi’s Metallic Eye Shadows! If you loved the Brown Sugar palette from last year, you are going to love this palette! The eye colors include Champagne Quartz, Gold Dust, Golden Bronze, and Galaxy. All very shimmery, but very neutral and wearable. The lip colors include Berry Mauve, Pink Sequin, Dusty Mauve, and Ruby. Don’t let these shades fool you – they look very dark in the palette, but on they are very sheer and, just like the eye colors, wearable. As is expected, the lip colors and eye colors are perfectly paired. This palette is a limited edition and retails for $60.

Bobbi also released 2 eye shadow palettes each with 4 shadows: Velvet Plum and Basics. Both look very pretty, but I also think they have their own draw backs. First, while this may not be a problem for some, Velvet Plum only has one Metallic Eye Shadow, while Basics doesn’t have any. Second, reading the descriptions of the colors online, it states that all of the shades are “new, exclusive,” but I know for a fact that shades like Bone and Navajo were available in other collections. Third, with regards to Velvet Plum, while talking with one of the Bobbi Brown girls at the counter, she informed me that the Velvet Plum Metallic Eye Shadow is supposed to be the same as the solo Velvet Plum shadow that is currently available but isn’t. She stated that the color comes off much darker when applied than the original shade does and also is much more grittier than the Metallic Shadows usually are. Nothing is worse than gritty eye shadow! On the other hand, the plus sides of both of these palettes is the fact that there is a variety of shadow types in both, that is shimmers and mattes. I am personally going to pass on these palettes, but that is mainly because I have many Bobbi products that contain some of these shades already, and based on the fact that I did get the Lip & Eye Palette. Both of the Eye Palettes are limited editions and retail for $45.

The next palette from Bobbi’s holiday collection that I’m going to get is the Moon Rock Long-Wear Eye Palette. Bobbi gives us 2 Long-Wear Eye Palettes, Moon Rock and Night Sky. Both palettes contain 2 Long-Wear Cream Eye Shadows and 2 Long-Wear Gel Eye Liners. I think these palettes are more unique than anything else out there right now. I’m definitely eyeing the Moon Rock palette because I am a sucker for the grays, blacks, and whites (you can see I’m totally trying to avoid saying “smoky eye” yet again!). Bobbi’s Long-Wear products definitely are long wear so if you’re looking for something to wear to a holiday party where you don’t want to have to worry about sneaking away for touch ups, I definitely recommend these palettes. Both are limited editions and retail for $55.
Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection 2008
Especially for the holiday season, Bobbi has taken her classic Lip Balms and infused them with glitter to create, Glitter Lip Balms (how clever). The Glitter Balms are just as moisturizing as the originals, but with an added touch of shimmer. The name “Glitter Lip Balms” is accurate in describing the shine and shimmer factor of these glosses, but is inaccurate in the sense that it would leave some to believe that the balm would be chunky and gritty due to the glitter. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like the original Lip Balms, the Glitter Balms go on smooth and feel creamy instantly. The Glitter Balms are available in 3 shades: Copper Diamond, Crystal Diamond, and Pink Crystal. The names are pretty self explanatory. These glosses are limited editions are retail for $19 each.

Finally, no Bobbi Brown collection would be complete without a Shimmer Brick! The Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick Compact contains 5 shades Candlelight, Gold, Copper, Beige and Sand and comes housed in a chic gold metallic compact. Brush it on your face, neck, shoulders, and décolletage for a beautiful golden glow. This Shimmer Brick is a limited edition and retails for $40.

So there you have it. Some of my favorite items from Bobbi Brown’s 2008 Holiday Collection. The collection is currently available online at BobbiBrown.com as well as at your local Bobbi Brown counter. You can also see the rest of the holiday collection at BobbiBrown.com. Happy Shopping!

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