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How to Cover Dark Circles with Makeup

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to Cover Dark Circles with Makeup. Dark circles under your eyes can really bring you down, but makeup can hide those unsightly marks giving us a flawless face to start the day. Here are the best tips to use to hide those dark circles under your eyes.

1. Use a orange marker underneath your usual eye concealer. The orange color will diffuse the blueish or dark hue under your eyes.
2. Pat don't rub your concealer.
3. Before putting on your concealer rub it on your hand to help get rid of cakeness and to give you a flawless finish. Then apply where needed.
4. Always look up to the sky as you are putting on your under eye concealer this will help you to reach every area that you want to hide, plus it will stop your concealer from getting into fine lines. So you get a smoother finish.

Easy Steps to Follow for Cover Dark Circles with Makeup

1. First dab on a light reflecting primer to bright your eyes. This will dazzle and distract you from putting on more concealer than needed.
2. Then use a peach, or yellow toned concealer. The peach will help wipe out blue hues and the yellow will cancel out purple. Darker circles are called circles for a reason, so dot your concealer around your eyes, getting the lids, edges, and the little spot that is between the corner of your eyes and the sides of your nose.
3. Lastly use loose powder to set your concealer under your eyes. Look up as you are putting it on.

Use the tips above for a flawless face to start the day.

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