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Street Savvy

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do you love people watching? I know I do, and I am especially inspired by the plethora of style you can find from just sitting and watching a crowd for 5 minutes. I often draw inspiration from this for my Embellished line and my own personal wardrobe. Well Jason, of Citizen Couture, is doing just that with his blog!

I had a chance to catch up with Jason and learn more about the site, so take a peak! *All photos compliments of Citizen Couture*

1. Accounting to photography? Big change, how did you get there!

The truth of the matter is that I was downsized from my firm so I thought it was a good opportunity to take on my creative side. I used to draw very often when I was younger and then just two years ago I wanted to take on photography, but I wasn't able to find what kind of photography I enjoyed until I tried taking photos during NY Fashion Week. I think photographing street-fashion is also a way for me to understand photography on a different level and it was a great way to overcome my shyness.

2. What is your method for capturing photos?
I usually carry my camera around wherever I go, but sometimes I feel that good street-style shots are difficult to come by especially in the winter. I can be meticulous with my shots and I find backdrops and lighting very important. Instead of waiting/walking around endlessly, I find that it's more efficient to also meet people through the blog network/friends. This way I can spend more time with the subject to understand who they are as a person and also getting several looks.

3. What do you love most about what you're doing now?
What I love most about photographing street-style is meeting interesting people and being able to know them on some level other than just a photo.

4. What are you future hopes for the site?
I'm hoping that the website will grow further enough that I can pursue it long-term. Even if financial constraint forces me to go back into accounting for that time being, I feel that this is a project that I want to commit to.

How is your street style?

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