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Sunny Saturday...in my mind.

Friday, January 29, 2010

As a Southern Girl I very much enjoy the heat and plenty of sunshine. Now living in the North of France I have had quite a difficult time adjusting to a constant state of cold and overcast, I also feel like a vampire with the serious lack of melanin in my skin!

Yesterday was the strangest weather day of my life. It was raining in the morning, followed by a brief parting of clear blue skies, and then it started snowing...like a blizzard! It was snowing cats and dogs! But that's not all, later in the evening it sleeted! What?! That's right I had 4 kinds of weather in a 12 hour period, no lie.

*Photo compliments of Amy Sneder, Flikr*

This picture felt like a hot summer concert in a park to me. This has only made me realize how ready for warmer weather I am. Bring on the sunshine please, I'm ready for my sundresses, shorts, Rainbow Sandals, and really long sun drenched days!

Anyone else feeling the late winter blues?

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