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A Polish Dream: Part I

Sunday, February 7, 2010

After an already a jam-packed 2010 I realized yesterday that had still not posted my pictures from Poland that I promised! So without further delay enjoy this European treat. I was quite surprised with my trip to Warsaw, not knowing much about it other than the Communism and hard times they used to have I suppose there was many things to discover regardless!

I have many pictures so this will be a two part post, enjoy part one! I wanted to start with maybe things that you already have pictured in your mind of Poland's history that you can still find marked on the city today.

This park was right near where I was staying in Warsaw, it was actually quite quaint and as always I was interested in the graffiti.
These houses are in a very small town about and hour outside of the city. They made me feel like I had stepped out of a time machine, many of them look like they haven't changed one bit from the old days of agriculture.

I really can't ever resist old fashioned music players. This phonograph is in perfect working condition, how crazy is that? That was neat to hear.

This church is an old Medieval church from the 12th century!
I think its the oldest church I've ever seen!
This cross sculpture at the summit of the church's hill has actual bullet holes in it from the last war. That was very surreal to see and feel.

I had an admirer...although I think he had other thoughts. He actually scared me, as I was taking a picture and pulled my eye away from the eyepiece and saw him right next to me!

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