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Caution: World Changer

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A recent episode of one of my favorite shows got me thinking about the world and how much it changes from one generation to the next. A subplot in the show dealt a lot with how gender and race minorities used to be treated in the professional world. I always find it fascinating to see period entertainment like this, to get that glimpse of what working conditions used to be like. I cannot imagine ever being treated in such a demeaning excluded manner just for being a woman. My personality has always lead me to be quite a force to be reckoned with in the working world. I was raised to shoot for the stars and do anything my heart desired.

*thank you Flickr for the photo*

Thanks to the generations before me, my generation has only known ability. We are the product of the effects of the women's movement of the 80s, and all other minority movements before that. I have been raised to only know a world that sits at my fingertips, where I can dream to be the President if I so choose, or CEO of my own company (which has always been my direction...for some reason even as I child I was always the little entrepreneur). Being a woman has never made me pause to think if I can do something, in fact quite the contrary. Being a woman has pushed me that much more to always do exactly what I dream, it gives me that extra drive to prove that being "like a girl" is the best thing anyone could ask for.

So allow your handicaps to be your strengths darlings, you have them for a reason. I have seen over and over again that people who come from struggle and use that as their actual source of power can fly even higher in the face of adversity. Don't dwell on your weakness and let it hold you down, rather use that ball and chain to catapult you into the realm of your dreams. You aren't going to change who you are, you need to embrace yourself and that will enable you to be the best version the world could ever hope for.

So what will you do to change the world?

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