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Rock Bottom for a Reason

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Although none of us seek them out, or await their arrival, hard times are inevitable and push us off our high horses into a pit of despair. Everyone goes through hard times, but the deciding factor in your future that can separate you from the crowd is what you do WITH your hard times. With every battle you face you are given a great occasion for growth.

Looking back on the hard times I have had, I realize that it was when I was at my weakest that my greatest doors of opportunity were opened. It was there, where I broke down and felt like there was nowhere else to go, that I got up dusted myself off and taught myself a new way to walk. You just have to adjust to the wrenches life may throw in your path and retrain yourself. You will be stronger in the end which will enable you to battle the next downhill, whenever it materializes.

It is all in your perspective, you can certainly wallow in your situation, or you can begin looking for the solution. "Yes, things are bad, so where do I go from here?" If you focus so long on the little thorn in your foot how will you ever look up to see that your dream is sitting right in front of you? I'm not sure what provoked this verbal inspiration today, but it gave me an excellent train of thought that I had to share with you darlings immediately...

*photo compliments of flickr*

When the sky starts falling, there's no better time to catch the stars and make your dreams come true.
~ Jessica Kelly

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