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Classy Gem

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I really have an obsession with old Hollywood. I love the class, the elegance and the magic that it possesses. I can count on one hand the celebrities that today hold such qualities to actually be worthy of comparison to this Golden Era which is quite a shame.

But I will tell you a celebrity I have recently started noticing, not only for adorable charm but her clean and admirable standards and bubbly personality: Amy Adams. Starting out in supporting roles in fun movies here and there, I always knew who she was but in the last few years she has really catapulted her self to some lovely leading roles and I am always under the spell of her smile while watching her on the silver screen.

I just love watching her for infectious joy, and when I saw these photos from a magazine spread and was blown away at how classically beautiful she can be as well. Enjoy!

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