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Curl-tastic Giveaway

Monday, March 29, 2010

Let me share with you something, I have curly, thick, long hair and by 23, I thought I had pretty much gotten it under control. Then I moved to France...and it hasn't curled properly in 6 months!

Do you have curly hair? Have you struggled with maintaining it all your life? I do and I have, and I am here to present to you, your solution! Ladies, presenting: DevaFuser. When I heard about this product, I was so intrigued because the design is so original, (and the founder herself has very curly hair) so it perked my interest. Of course after over 2 decades of being promised things for my difficult hair and only being disappointed, I had my doubts. Well the lovely people at Devachan Salons in New York City stand behind their product and dared me to try it...and guess what? IT'S AWESOME! It is hands down the best diffuser I have ever used and it makes my curls look wonderful. I was so excited. But this isn't only an answer to my problems, one lucky (and curly) Embellisher gets to win one of these babies for herself!

In 1988, the Deva line evolved from Lorraine Massey mixing botanical ingredients to find a solution for her own curly hair, her intent was never to revolutionize the curly hair world, but yet that is what DevaCurl is certainly doing.

The DevaFuser’s innovative hand-shape design fits easily underneath curls and uses 360-degree airflow to dry hair from the inside out. Conventional diffusers only allowed the hair to be dried on the surface, creating frizz on the top and leaving hair wet underneath. The DevaFuser gently dries the hair without creating frizz or disturbing the natural curl formation, According to its innovator, Denis DaSilva, using the DevaFuser is simple, “Just attach the DevaFuser to your hairdryer using the Universal Adapter.

Next, gently guide the DevaFuser onto the scalp at the nape, forehead, and temple regions, holding it for two minutes at each position to set the curl. The 360-degree airflow means you no longer have to move the diffuser around. You simply hold the DevaFuser in a couple of places and you have fabulous, frizz-free curls!.” Until now, people with curls had limited options for effectively styling and drying their hair. “Air drying” meant waiting hours until their hair felt dry and even then frizz and limp curls were frequent problems. The use of conventional diffusers often resulted in a dry, frizzy, hard-to-manage “scare-do.” Now, as long as people with curls have a blow dryer, the DevaFuser lets them look forward to a head full of bouncy, beautiful curls.

Depart from the ordinary with this botanically drenched, 100% sulfate free, curl care system. DevaCurl took the “poo” out of shampoo by removing the harsh, dehydrating detergents found in conventional shampoos. Whether your hair is curly, wavy or chemically dehydrated, there’s a DevaCurl product that is right for you. Choose from DevaCurl or DevaCare and enjoy the benefits of shiny, manageable, frizz free curls. With DevaCurl, curly hair is not a trend…it’s a lifestyle.

"You can combat any curly hair conundrum when you embrace your natural hair texture" is the motto Massey lives by that has gotten her here today. From the gentle cleansers and hydrating conditioners, through the complete range of styling products any curly girl who chooses the right combination from the 14 different selections, will become a true believer.

The Corkscrew
Hair Role Model: Lorraine Massey
Hair Stats: Tightly wound, begs for moisture, rain actually keeps you in doors (like for real)
Rx: MOISTURE! 1-Cleanse with No-Poo 2-Hydrate with One Condition and use Heaven twice weekly until hydration is reached, then only twice monthly 3-Style with AnGEL and Set it Free
Deva Tip: Leave some conditioner in hair when rinsing for added hydration and frizz control!

The Botticelli
Hair Role Model: Sarah Jessica Parker
Hair Stats: Cascading curls, fine-medium texture, gorgeous bottom layer curls are often covered by not-so-curly top layer
Rx: LAYERS to lighten your curly load! 1-Cleanse with No-Poo 2-Hydrate with One Condition and use Heaven twice weekly until hydrated, then twice monthly. 3-For definition, style with AnGEL ArcAnGEL, Set it Free or Set Up and Above
Deva Tip: For frizz prevention, do not agitate your curls during the drying process!

Wavy Curls
Hair Role Model: Eva Mendez
Hair Stats: Occasional natural wave which you've tried to blow straight, texture fine/med and wavy/straight, tends to look unkempt, often flat on the crown
Rx: WORK WITH IT not against it! 1-Cleanse with No-Poo 2-Hydrate daily with One Condition and use Heaven twice until max hydration is achieved 3-For definition style with AnGEL or Arc AnGEL; for volume/hold use B'Leave-In and/or Set Up and Above
Deva Tip: Use Deva Clips at the base of your scalp to ensure max volume at the top of your head

S'wavy Curls
Hair Role Model: Kate Winslet
Hair Stats: Seems straight, could be encouraged to do more, you only THINK its incapable of the perfect wave!
Rx: 1-Cleanse with No-Poo or Low-Poo 2-Hydrate with One Condition 3-For definition/hold style with AnGEL, Arc AnGEL, or Set Up and Above. Added curl volume, style with B'Leave In
Deva Tip: Before applying selected stylers squeeze enough water from the curls to encourage max curl definition.

NOTE: All four hair types will benefit from using Mist-er Right, Deva's second day curl revitalizer, refresher, and scalp deodorizer.

To purchase the DevaFuser and learn more about Deva Curl’s complete collection of cleansing, hydrating, and styling products created specifically for curly hair, please visit the Devachan salons (www.devachansalon.com) or a professional salon near you that embraces curls. Prices range from $7.95 - $39.95

Bottom line: I used it. I loved it. My life has changed...well my hair routine anyway!
Usage: *The adapter fits onto any normal hairdryer (not travel dryers), if you think its too tight just give it a good push, its supposed to be that tight because its brand new. *1-Place on low heat/low power 2-Set in a few places on your head (under your hair) for a couple minutes and watch the magic! *Due to its design you arm is resting while it works, YAY for no tired arms! *Plus the hand design is comfortable since it curves naturally, like...a hand.


Devachan Salons is giving one lucky curly girl their own DevaFuser Set!

This is a TWO WEEK Giveaway so get in your entry and cross your fingers, this is definitely a Mega Giveaway!

To enter leave a comment below on your worst Curly Hair Trauma from growing up!

For Extra Entries:
1. Follow The Embellished Life (comment below)
2. Tweet or Facebook this Giveaway (comment the URL)
3. Facebook Fan: Embellished AND DevaCurl (comment below)

That's 4 comments total if you use all your chances!
I look forward to hearing all your stories, I know I have plenty of my own!

Giveaway ends Sunday April 11th
at Midnight NYC Time!

Bonne Chance My Curly Girls!

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