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DIY Fever Giveaway!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It isn't hard to guess that I love making things. Heck, I run a business off of it. I love being creative, and I love finding ways to add my own flair to things, especially when it allows me to live fabulously but still on a budget! Well darlings, do I have fantastic surprise for you!

New York Design Shop is a DIY shop strictly dedicated to all things fashion! I was thrilled upon discovering it, and all the many things it offers for the crafty fashionista. I caught up with Jenna Columbini for a bit, to learn more about her fabulous venture...and she surprised me with a wonderful gift for you guys... an NYDS TOTE OVERFLOWING with DIY GOODIES!!

1. When/How did NYDS get started?
NYDS launched in November 2009, however it was about a year in the making before that. I was working as a merchandiser for a trimmings company in the
fashion district, and I couldn't stop DIY'ing with all the trim! It took about a year for me to fully develop the idea, lots of market research, design and help from interns/assistants and web designers. Once I got funding we hit the studio and crafted our hearts out. We have now been live for about 4 months and already the response is amazing.

2. Introduce yourself to your new customers!
NYDS is owned of Jacobson Capital Services, a corporation that has been around for almost 70 years. JCS dips in many areas of the fashion industry and real estate markets. We are located only online, but hopefully after this year we'll be able to begin planning the early stages of our first retail store...imagine a "build a bear" for DIY fashion!! Our mission is to help fashionistas to create and stand out of the crowd. We at NYDS are fashion obsessed, but are also very aware of the price that is often paid for high fashion. At NYDS we help you to put together the same looks you see on the runway, but for much less!

3. What sets you apart from other DIY stores?
We haven't seen any other Fashion DIY stores, which we think is what makes us different. There are the big crafting stores, the home DIY stores, but at NYDS, we put fashion in your hands.

4. What is in the works for the future?
There is so much in the works for the future. We currently are adding new products every week, and at least 5 new How To projects every week. We've got some new DIY designers coming on board which is exciting a well. Also now that we are almost at 100 projects, we will begin separating them into collections based on different trends. That should be super fun! Also, I am hoping to add a DIY Home section and a DIY weddings section within the next year.

5. What is your favorite thing about NYC?

Well, I love Manhattan, but I have to say that all of the Brooklyn artisan flea markets are super fun. I also love being able to get anywhere by train so that I can read my books and fashion mags every day! Last but not least, my office is located 2 blocks from Bryant Park so I am totally emersed in fashion, just the way I like it!

6. Anything else fun you'd like to add?
I would just like to say thanks to everyone who's been giving such amazing feedback, and who has emailed me with letters of thanks for providing fashionista crafters with a go-to spot!

"Also, please let your readers know that we take requests!"

For instance, if you saw something in a fashion week collection that you MUST have, you can email me a pic, and I'll have one of the designers create a DIY How TO Guide! We'll also make sure we offer the materials to create the design :)

A crafty shop that actually listens to my needs? Consider me SOLD! To think, anything I see on the runway I can instantly have the knowledge of reproduction techniques at my fingertips is wonderful. I personally can't wait to see all that's in store for NYDS. Now let's see who this awesome tote will be in store for...

This will be a 1 week contest closing Monday March 15th, Midnight NYC time.

LISTEN UP, the entry options are slightly different this time.

Entries 1-3 are REQUIRED
These will count as ONE entry, so leave ONE comment for all.

1. Visit NYDS and leave your email in the "Stay in Touch" box in the bottom left corner
(Its not spammy I promise, just some DIY Goodness every so often)!
2. Comment below with your favorite materials
3. Follow NYDS on Twitter AND Facebook

Entries 4-6 are optional for better odds.
You need to leave a separate comment for 4-6!

4. Be a follower of The Embellished Life
5. Tweet this giveaway and/or follow Embellished (@fashiondiva304)
leave the URL below
6. Become a fan of Embellished on Facebook

Recap for clarity:
To be applicable you should have ONE comment below stating:
-You've entered your email, picked your favs, and followed NYDS on the net-

And if you choose, up to THREE additional comments stating:
-I follow Embellished on the net, and I've tweeted this, etc-
for better odds

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