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Life Turning Pages

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's funny how life unfolds before your eyes. How it changes. How it changes you. As a child, life is all about the future, what you will study, what you will grow up to be. The older you get the more you live by memories rather than plans. Rather than everything being new, everything has a memory attached to it. I wonder if the twenties are the only time you truly live in the present? You are finally living out everything your life has acculminated to thusfar and it's still only about you. You're not teaching memories and old lessons to your children or worried now about their future. You're not old enough yet to worry too much about your future of retirement. You can just live in the moment... Or at least I sure hope you do.

*merci We Heart It -pourtrebelle*

What is life to you right now?

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