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Young Love

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Isn't young love the best? Nothing has hurt you yet, and you can truly give all your heart and be swept away in the fun of loving life. I always love watching movies and seeing the characters experience love for the first time. It takes me back to my childhood experiences. The thrill when "That Boy" locks eyes with you diliberately, or passes you a note in class, holding hands and walking in the park. And of course nothing replaces the spark of the first foot popping kiss!

*thanks Le Love Blog for the photo*

That is the best thing about youth, the ability to experience everything unbridled, whole heartedly and without baggage. In fact what I probably love most about watching this through these characters is the renewal in myself to be more free in my own life, because life is fleeting and you have to savor every moment while you have because all to soon it passes you by and is just a memory.

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