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Fashion Advertising

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

8 Old Fashion Advertising Materials

1. The Human Billboard
This is one of the oldest fashion advertising techniques out there. The beauty of it is its simplicity. A person simply stands on a roadside holding a sign that displays information about a nearby store or business. Usually the sign is used to advertise a sale or special promotion.

2. Posters

What is more old fashioned than a good, well designed poster? Businesses have been printing posters as a way to promote themselves for decades. And why not? A well planned poster printing project can still do wonders for your bottom line. Most companies today invest in printing color posters that are more attractive and appealing.

3. Newspaper Ads

We often hear about the decline of the newspaper. Circulation numbers are down, and many big papers are going under. But that hasn't changed the fact that placing ads in newspapers is still a popular - and effective - marketing strategy. It is still a good way to reach a large number of customers in a very short period of time. And, with all the new advertising techniques out there, it is also increasingly cost effective.

4. Billboards

These are simply a larger, and less mobile, version of the human billboard. You still see them up and down the expressways and in the inner cities. Much like newspaper ads, they reach a fairly high number of people and are not terribly expensive. But, also like newspaper ads, it is impossible to determine exactly who sees your efforts.

5. Radio Spots

At one time, radio ads were considered new and unique. But with television and the internet having taken over that role, radio ads have become old fashioned. With that has come a relative drop in prices. Radio ads can actually be made for much less than the cost of a television commercial, and you have much more control over what type of customers hear them.

6. Bus Stop Benches

It is amazing how many different ways people have come up with to promote their business. Ads placed on bus stop benches literally put your business name right under someone's behind. The strange thing is: it works. Bus stop bench ads continue to produce moderate sales increases.

7. Skywriting

Sadly, you don't see too many ads placed in the sky these days. I always enjoyed seeing words written in airplane smoke. That has to take a great deal of talent - not to mention courage - to pull off. Some company should try to revive this old fashioned technique.

8. Shopping Cart Ads

Putting a small ad on a shopping cart in your local supermarket is a cheap way to bring in some new customers. It certainly will not bring in slews of money, but it is probably good for a few new customers a year. And with the low cost involved, you really don't have much to lose.(EzineArticles.com)

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