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Fashion is Fluid

Friday, April 16, 2010

Like all art, fashion is fluid. It is personal to its wearer, personal to its admirer and takes many different forms and meanings to every eye that gazes upon it. Always changing, yet constantly remaining the same. Its a long term relationship that you stand by through highs and lows and can reflect back with memories that bring tears and laughter. A lifelong marriage to the amazing person you are.

This fluidity is what I love about fashion. You can layer it, you can change it. It can fit any mood, any style, and any location that you wish to be transported. Fashion is a shape shifter, an appreciator of all that has been, and all that can be. It loves its wearer and creates muses for the masses. Always providing you with the embellishment you desire for the blank canvas that is your body.

One step down a runway can spark a movement, just as one step into a doorway can change a life. It can shout out your personality to the world or temporarily hide you when you need solicitude. So versatile, so dependable, fashion can be called on for any situation you find yourself.

*all photos thanks to We Heart It*

What is fashion to you?

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