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Fear of Failure

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some people fear spiders, some heights, others maybe fear ending up alone, but my fear has always been failure. I wouldn't call it a fear really, but that is definitely always my driving force, the internal motor I have to get back up after every fall. Its having that courage to keep going no matter what knocks life may bring your way. Because courage and bravery are not the definition of a person having no fear, everyone has fear, they are the character of a person who recognizes the goal is greater than the fear and choose to stare it down and overcome it.

*merci We Heart It*

But you really cannot fear failure for one very important reason; failure will always be where you learn your greatest lessons and where you make your greatest growth. Failure is important, more so than success, because its easy to be happy and on top of the world, but it is when we are at our lowest that we determine the person we will be at our highest. Quite often failure is the first step to real success. Keep this thought in your mind as you may be struggling with life changes and a down economy

Have courage mes cheries!

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