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Rich vs Poor

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rich and poor. Isn't the mentality between the two of these so crazy? The book I just finished reading is set in India, where the caste system prevails, and it explores the mentality between two women whom life has handed very different cards. The poor one lives in the slums yet gives everything she can to help another, and the richer one (middle class, not even upper class) is so quick to keep her possessions that they have a strong hold on her actions as well. She sees the servant woman's generosity and is shamed which made me wonder...

*Merci We Heart It*

What is it about the more we have, the tighter a grasp we put on it?

Appreciating what we have is something you think should come easily, but it doesn't. Its all too easy to get caught up in what someone else has that you don't. We always think we don't have a lot, but wealth if anything is always this: relative. I challenge you the same way I challenge myself, anytime you find yourself comparing to others try putting yourself in the upper hand position. How much more grateful will you be when you continually contemplate all you have been blessed with and how you can help those around you that have less?

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