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Teen Fashion

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Searching For a Teen Fashion Statement?

If you have a teen at home who is starting to be conscious of what to wear, you have probably gone through a complex decision making that involves what clothes to wear this week and what clothes to wear next week. Teen fashion consistently changes every now and then hence for someone going through the start of puberty, style is more important than the quality and durability of clothes to wear. Dictated by personality, teen fashion is hardly stationary in most seasons. You probably have noticed your teenager to look differently from time to time. Not to mention the ever fickle minded personality.

No stage in life would you ever want to look at your best, sharp and fashion forward but youth stage. Dictated by multi-media, teen fashion can go from the most extreme to most conservative. Every teen seem to be in style at most times. It is expensive to stay up to date with teen fashion but looking at how happy our teen can be, it is worth the expenses. For those at an early stage of puberty, you have to condition yourself that it will always be that way. You will find it hard to predict what your teen would like to wear. Nevertheless, the good thing about dealing with teen fashion is that most teenagers would want to wear wardrobe based on what they really want and not so much of what is popular.

Teenagers are known to be very brilliant in experimenting outfit combinations. You will notice different styles of shirts and pants. Wearing jeans is most common for teens. A variety of shirts can be paired up with it. Though variations of jeans are almost similar, the way it is worn makes a lot of difference. As we know it, a teen can wear it low rise or on high waist with wide leg opening. It is a fun experience to see our teens looking for the best fashion statement. You can make use of the multi-media to see what is in. Advertisements on TV and magazine will surely help you teenager.

Other wardrobes that you will notice your teen keeps on switching are shorts, skirts and slacks. The most noticeable change is color and style. Scarves and other accessories are also present on your teen's fashion statement. Shades and bags are also changed frequently. For a parent, this may sound expensive to deal with. Well, good thing that most teens are particular with the style and not so much the quality. They don't have any plans of wearing it for such a long time.

As early as the first stage of puberty, it is wise to condition your kid that fashion is not all about the clothes you wear but how you carry yourself is what all that matters. Fashion should not be expensive. There are more important things to invest on other than fashion. It should be practical and a new experience for your teenager. The experience should teach them how to value money and how to take care of their clothes.(EzineArticles.com)

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