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Friday, April 30, 2010

Top Fashion Insight Regarding 2010

A new decade has dawned, bringing with it exciting new trends that inspire our imagination. In this same situation ten years ago, who could have predicted what would be in style today?

New styles come on the scene every few years. For this reason, concentrating mainly on the latest developments in top fashion is the most practical approach.
2010 has some hot new looks, so let's take a peek. I'd like to restrict our research to women's shoes. I'm crazy about shoes and just love writing about them. I just love wearing them as well!

I have a big shoe collection that never stops growing. I'd like to tell you about the ones heading my list of favorites at the moment.

Christian Louboutin's designs are all ultra chic these days. Take a look at the reptile leathers. With tons of personality and a big wow factor, you're guaranteed an unforgettable entrance in those.

I'm also excited about the Roberto Cavalli ankle lace. It's a fun boot in sleek black leather that boasts a fairly high heel and laces around the ankle. It's a go-anywhere style that can be teamed up with all kinds of outfits.

A surprising new trend lately is the thigh-high boot with high heels. Although not the easiest style to wear, they compensate for this with the stunning look they create.

On a final note, the Hunter rain boot is making a welcome return to the stores. Hunter Wellies will offer a practical and trendy alternative to your usual sneakers when the weather turns wet.

Not only do these boots keep you in fashion, they're also very easy on your feet, which puts them at the top of my list for rainy days.(EzineArticles.com)

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