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Urban Fashion

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fly 53 - Unique Urban Fashion on the Internet

Urban fashion is increasingly popular and diverse. Fly 53 is a clothing company with a fierce, proud philosophy about life and clothes. They make quality items for women and men who want to look cool and elegant. Their motto, outfitters for the resistance makes it clear they are a company with an alternative view.

Just over fifteen years ago the company started small with a range of t shirts. Now their clothes are worn by some of the edgiest bands around. Rural England is not an obvious location for an urban clothing company but that has not stopped them becoming one of the top streetwear companies in the United Kingdom.

Their success is due in no small part to their strong brand and ethos. All the clothes are made with luxurious materials and are designed carefully with attention to detail. The aim is to produce streetwear which is elegant and different. There is a wide range of items with clothes for all occasions. They have also added items usually associated with other styles to the urban style. For example, for men there are pea coats and cardigans. The range for women has clothes with a glamorous look for evening wear. The printed clothes are also high quality. They have a range of graphics reflecting the independent philosophy of the company with a touch of humor.

Fly 53 have also taken advantage of the media age by making films and working with popular artists. Recently both Hot Chip and Friendly Fires, who have all been seen wearing Fly clothes, have produced music mixes for the company.

Clothes shopping on the internet is growing in popularity constantly. Now that online retailers have overcome some early concerns such as sizing and returns consumers are realizing the advantages. It is possible for internet stores to carry more complete ranges as they do not have to worry about floor space. Also because the companies have low overheads they can pass savings on to the customer. The full range of Fly 53 clothing is available online from a number of retailers.

The best place to look for the range is with urban fashion and streetwear websites. Many have a wide range of items which can be delivered to your door quickly after you have compared prices and items without even leaving your house.

Fly 53 is an exciting urban outfitter with a passion for individuality. They have high quality design and manufacture which gives their streetwear a uniquely elegant style. Check online at your favorite urban fashion website.(EzineArticles.com)

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