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Winter Fashion

Monday, April 26, 2010

Silk Scarves - Top Winter Fashion Secret

Silk is most deserving to be adorned with the title "the queen of textiles". Silk scarves have proven that they are no fashion trend and will be around for years to come. These scarves never go out of style, as evinced by the number of people wearing them, including royalty, movie stars, and ordinary people.

Women do not ordinarily wear silk scarves in the winter even if they are a popular fashion item! This has no basis in fact. Cooler temperatures are a great time to bring out your silk scarves. The silk fabric is appropriate and fashionable for frigid winter temperatures.

The silk fibers gently caress the body, creating a sensation akin to a warm hug. Silk is a fluid material and it allows the scarf to follow every contour of the surfaces they touch. This means that they will hang beautifully whether worn alone or with a heavy winter coat.

The durability of silk is another reason why silk scarves are so effective in the winter. Although silk fibers can weaken slightly when wet, they are known to be the strongest natural fibers. Soiling is kept to a minimum since the silk scarf is treated to be stain resistant. These fashion scarves tend to last through not only the current winter season but for years when properly cared for.

In the winter fashion, one of the most important things is to stay warm, and silk scarves definitely help you achieve that goal. Silk is a great material for keeping yourself warm. Silk is a very comfortable fabric to wear, since it is moisture-absorbing. Therefore in the warmer months, it moves moisture away from your body and helps you remain cool. An opposite outcome is observed during colder months. Silk absorbs body heat which creates more insulation.

Because silk is an all natural material, spun by silkworms, it is completely made up of protein fibers. Unlike other materials that are itchy or irritating, silk scarves are naturally hypoallergenic. You will look and feel wonderful. You will make everyone else jealous this winter season, with your new silk scarf.

The fashion scarves you want are truly unique. Any type of silk scarf is a great accessory for any season of the year. A silk scarf is something you will want to have this winter. Silk scarves appeal to functionality and fashion throughout the wintry season. You can wear your scarf to keep warm when outside and then use it to complement your outfit when you take off your coat. In addition to adorning your neck with these scarves, they can also be used to drape your shoulders or around your waist for an attractive and unique belt.(EzineArticles.com)

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