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Dans Mon Handbag

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The wonderful Anna of Around the Way Girl (you should totally check out her blog) tagged me in "Whats in Your Bag?" and I am happily passing on the blog love.

The Bag:
A fantastic girly rocked out bag I bought at a favorite store of mine in France, Promod. I love that it has ruffles and studs, it is quite literally me...as a bag! One of my favorite things about it, is when you open it, instead of the zipper running side to side, it runs front to back! So for those visually inclined like me, it zips hot dog-ways but the straps close hamburger-ways. I love that!

The Goods:
I actually have 4 bags that I regularly change between whether I wear black, brown, red, or something real casual. So, for the ease switching according to my Style Du Jour, on the ready, rests a pen, gum, lipstick, chapstick, and tampon, in each purse.

~Be prepared: Gum and Dental Floss because you never know when you may have an impromptu professional rendez-vous OR better yet a romantic spontaneous kiss with that special beau.

~ To-Do it Up: I always carry some kind of notepad with me, I'm afraid that if its not written down, it doesn't get done. I am VERY visual, so if I write it, I can remember seeing it, and do it!

~ Makin' Bank: A girl's gotta have something cute to carry her dough, after all we don't sit at home all day rolling it anymore! My Mom bought me this adorable vintage style clip wallet before I bon-voyaged off to France and I think of her every time I see it.

~My whole world: I LITERALLY go nowhere without my iPod Touch, it is my life. Its my calender, my Little Black Book, my entertainment, my motivation, not to mention my means of any communication. Apple has hands down made the invention of the century with the iPod, who would've thought it'd go so far?

~ C'est quoi?: Moving to France means you have a French/English Dictionary with you AT ALL TIMES! That way if I am looking for Bread Crumbs in the grocery store, they don't think I want them to sweep the floor for Les Miettes, they know I want Chaplure.

~ Ring-a-Ling: Of course my phone; used to be in use a lot more in the States, as in, I was glued to it, now I have a small pay-as-you-go phone so its really my watch, and in case of emergencies.

~Silky Smooth: A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I hate that feeling, especially in Winter, of cracked hands, I make it a goal to always feel comfortable in my skin, besides then they are always "touchably soft!"

~Book du Jour: I read...a LOT. So currently my book is Wicked (I am determined to see that Broadway pronto in NYC upon my return), I quite often find moments to catch for reading reading when I am in line for things etc, and I love unraveling a plot and learning new characters!

~ Call me: A girl can never truly be aloof unless she is prepared with a pen to leave her number on a stranger's handsome hand, right? Well my pen is my ally. I carry it with me in every purse for notes, and to-do's that I think of throughout the day. Actually it quite often comes in handy for song lyrics that I am randomly inspired with.

~ Smoochers: Lips are important, they are where people look when you talk other than your eyes, and I am sorry ladies, no lip gloss will you ever find in my purse, it ruins the mood when you are more concerned with pulling hair off your lips than being kissably flirty. In this purse I have my amazing Laura Mercier Truly Red (I kid you NOT I tried every brand in Sephora and Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, this is the only real RED I found) and it is kissably parfait! Also, Body Shop's 02, the perfect daily color, that actually FEELS like chapstick but wears like lipstick it is the perfect blend of both worlds.

~Spotless: You never know when disaster will hit i.e. lasagna over a lunch date, and I am on the ready for such a catastrophe thanks originally to my "Mary Poppins" Delta Zeta sister Megan years ago whom introduced me to this wonderment.

~Paparazzi: I live my life by photos, my 30 albums just on Facebook don't even come close to the fact that my camera is literally my diary. This amazing Casio Exilim is of course travel size, so my Nokia stays at home unless I know there's a photo-op. But I am always on the ready for the unexpected.

~ Working Girl: I carry business cards in every purse, quite often I wear my Embellished creations. As you know, in-person advertising IS the best, I never know when I will strike up a convo with a stanger about my shop and need the URL back to it!

~ Back to the basics: As I mentioned with lips before, they are important, and no amount of gloss or lipstick can cover cracked puckers. Carmex is this amazing creation that seriously when applied will cure your chapped lips overnight, no joke! I use it religiously and receive quite the compliments on soft lips...maybe you should try and report back darlings?...

~ Aunt Flo: If you don't come packin everyday darlings, then you just aren't prepared. You never know what purse you may be using when disaster strikes, and of course it will be mid-date in white pants, and you will need protection. Tampax Pearl is the one and only, comfort and strength, perfection of a product at its core.

Oops: I suppose I did forget my keys, they would be the driving force behind it all. Alas, by the end of the day they are on their key hook, ready for the next morning's action. The norm, car, house, food store card, flash drive...and of course an Irish bottle opener and some Lucky Brand flair!

Ok darlings, I spilled it so now its your turn! Passing on the gauntlet...and GO!

Cheyenne ~ The Shultzes

What's in your Handbag?

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