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Sunday, May 30, 2010

5 Crazy Fashin Colored Contacts Lenses For a Wild New Look

There are more ways to change your appearance than with regular colored contact lenses. Lenses are available in some of the weirdest, widest designs imaginable - and even a number that you can't. There are joke lenses, creepy lenses, and others that are simply bizarre. Most can be worn even if you have astigmatism and need toric contact lenses. Here are five colored contact lenses that you may never have considered:

1. Hypno-Eyes. You can wear contacts that have a spiral pattern around the iris, just like the old-fashined hypnosis wheels. Maybe you can make people do your bidding just by staring them down - these are subtle enough that people might not notice them at first, and startling once they finally do.

2. Happy Face eyes. Imagine your iris and pupil as a bright yellow happy face. The lenses are transparent enough that your sight isn't impaired in any way, and the contacts themselves are silly enough to elicit laughs wherever you go.

3. Cat's eyes. One of the most popular type of theatrical colored contact lens, you can give yourself cat's eyes with their remarkable slit-type of iris, in a variety of colors. Yellow cat's eyes have a sinister quality, while green is just very, very feline. Like other types of colored contacts, these will change the color of your eyes without affecting your field of vision in any way.

4. Zombie eyes fashin. If you seriously want to creep out your friends, neighbors or family, you can get contacts to give yourself zombie eyes - small black pupils surrounded by white irises. It's hard to say why these colored contacts are so disturbing, but they are.

5. Wild colored eyes. The range of colors in theatrical colored contact lenses is amazing. You can have anything from purple eyes with flecks of gold to neon yellow or orange (giving a similar appearance to frog eyes) to deep red "vampire" eyes. These, and many other types of colored contacts, are very popular with teens and adults who enjoy the supernatural and role-playing games about ghouls. They're both attractive and a bit scary - offering an interesting twist on the whole purpose of wearing colored contact lenses.(http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Steve_Mathews)

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