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In Lights

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let me tell you about a little obsession I have had since childhood darlings: singing. I also happen to love dancing, although I have no training in this area. So naturally a world where you can break out into song and dance at any (and most) given moments is of course one in which I would love to live. Just think of Amy Adams in Enchanted and you will understand.

*merci tumblr*

I usually manage to catch one musical a year and I am beginning to feel the urge to be enchanted by another one soon, although I know it will sadly be a while before I can. Far away from the glistening lights of Broadway, I must wait until I can get myself back to the Theater District. My first stop will be Wicked which I have been dying to see for years now, ever since it came out. Immediately followed of course by Junior's Cheesecake just down the block, if you haven't ever tried this cheesecake, your life is not complete. It is single handedly the greatest thing in all the world.

What is the next musical on your list?

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