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Jewelry by Vanya Giveaway

Monday, May 17, 2010

I love finding cute shops on Etsy and Jewelry by Vanya was no exception. So imagine my pleasure when I found she wanted to offer you Embellishers a chance to win one of her adorable pieces!

1.How did you get started making jewelry?
From an early age, thanks to the creative gene and encouragement from my mum, I have always made things. Whether it be my first dress made out of bin bags to the full customisation of my first car (a 1970’s mini painted purple and re-upholstered with black fun fur)! It was inevitable that I would end up with a creative career. I studied textile design at university, specialising in knitwear for fashion and became addicted to accessories. This led me to take a work placement during my holidays with a jewellery designer in New York. The experience there was invaluble and I started making my own jewellery straight away.

2.What inspired you to go from shop to hobby?
I started selling to friends and family, then after university I went traveling around the world. While I was away I was lucky enough to visit a couple of designers and see thier product lines and studios. This inspired me even more so when I came home to London I started working with a jewellery designer here. After a while I thought I could branch out on my own so Jewellery by Vanya was created. I made a small collection and started selling on Etsy.

3.What inspires you?
People inspire me. I love fashion and always follow what's happening but I prefer looking at individual style, seeing what people mix and match together is exciting. I often see an outfit and get an idea for a piece, then i'll draw it, source the materials and have a play. It doesn't always work out exactly the same, and sometimes I'll get more ideas during the making process. Mistakes are always constructive.

4.What is the best thing about having your shop?
My customers, it gives me such a boost when I get a nice email telling me they love thier purchase. I love the fact that people can be excited about what I have created.

5.If you could have any super power what would it be?
I would be able to click my fingers and be anywhere at any time. It would make visiting distant friends and relatives much easier and I could go back in time and experience the 1970s, it looks like a fun time!

This contest is 4 days so get in your entries now!
Doors close Midnight NYC time Friday May 21st
The winner gets to pick anything under $20.

To Enter:
1. Visit Jewelry by Vanya and Comment below on your fav item

Extra Entries
(Require Separate Comments Below)
2. Be a follower of The Embellished Life
3. Be a fan of Embellished on Facebook
4. Tweet or Facebook this giveaway
(be sure to include the URL)

Good luck mes cheries!

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