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Love is...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One of the greatest things about love is that it is indescribable. It can be everything and nothing at once; a million little things or one very big thing. After hundreds and hundreds of years of music revolving around the subject we somehow still haven't fulfilled all the words that could be said about this power that possesses us all at one point or another.

*merci weheartit*

Even in one person the word love varies as greatly as the ocean. You might love your daughter with an overwhelming blanket of hopes and dreams, and love your job with its rush of power and fulfillment, and then love your husband with a consuming fire of passion and selflessness that no language could ever properly define. How does one feeling manage to evoke such range and emotion as love? That is why I am convinced that love is not a feeling, rather a verb. Love isn't "lovely" it isn't dainty and light, its enthralling and pushes you to action. Love changes the world with just a whisper.

What is love to you?

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