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Sunny South of France

Monday, May 3, 2010

After a lovely Easter vacation in the South of France I thought it might be nice to get around to posting my pictures for you all. Also, they are being posted on Etsy as we speak, so enjoy the new batch!

The South of France reminded me a lot of Southern California, rolling hills, beautiful seaside and dry green landscaping that creates an interesting juxtaposition next to the rich color of the water.

I love...? This was the sign out front of a boutique in a village filled with artists.
It was so lovely to just explore all day.

Why not? Words to live by if you want to live a life full of adventure and surprise!

*all photos property of Embellished*
This pool floatie just made me smile and I couldn't resist capturing him by the seaside.
Doesn't he make you want to be in the South of France right now?!

Don't forget to stop by Embellished and have a look!

Bonne Journee mes cheries!

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