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Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I hope all the Father's are having a wonderful day of breakfast in bed, filled with gifts and family hugs! I was so happy to get to see my dad when my parents visited me a couple weeks ago in Paris. I am just like my Dad in many, many ways and it is hard to not be able to go have dinner with him and just hang out. I will Skype him today of course and his present will unfortunately arrive a few days late, its just so hard with an ocean in between. I will be able to spend mucho quality time with him and the rest of the fam in a few short months and will be very happy too!
My Dad is my role model in so many ways, and I highly respect his opinions and experiences. He has traveled almost everywhere on this planet and is still not done, I definitely get my wandering soul from Him. So this post is for your Dad, I love you so much and couldn't have come all the way to France and done anything else in my life without your love and support. I cannot wait to see you at home again!

Happy Father's Day

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