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All Roads Lead to Rome

Monday, August 30, 2010

The craziest thing is to visit a place where you stop to rest, look down, and realize you are sitting on a piece of an ancient column that could possibly date back to 300 BC or later! This is Rome darlings, once the greatest empire in the world. Starting with just one city, the Roman Empire eventually spread across the whole of Northern Africa, and all the way up to England and everything in between. We can thank Rome for concrete, domes, arches, glass blowing and even wine and oil presses!

Many ruins throughout the city left you wondering what great things they had seen.
What untold stories could they tell of love, country, war, and lessons learned?

The Pantheon as well as the many sculptures around town
made your whole experience a dream.

I loved that this was just a foot, I wonder what the original sculpture was? Either way good feet were much needed to mount all the stairs at the Spanish Steps. Not to mention dance on them, another thing to check off my Bucket List. Its funny how most of my list involves travel...?

The Trevi Fountain was my favorite. You throw in 1 coin for A Return Trip to Rome, 2 coins for a Great Romance, and 3 coins for a Great Romance...and I must attest that it totally worked! The last 2 at least!

The Colosseum was my surreal moment of the trip where I thought, OMG I'm in Rome!
It was sobering to think of how many people were killed on the ground I stood.

Thank you for joining me in Roma darlings! I hope you enjoyed your stay and get to go for real, real soon. Italy is a magical place that will sweep you away with beauty, embrace you with family, and fill you with incredible food and wine.

Salute darlings!

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