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Recapturing Fulfillment

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yesterday was a moving day for me. After a year of being in France, I have missed being in an environment where I could feel something more than skin deep. A community where I can feel included to believe in the one thing that I believe in most of all without having to defend myself for it. Even more than that, I have missed the feeling that my spirit is alive and full and about to burst with untainted joy and peace. It is really something hard to put into words; one of those things you only understand if you have taken the time to explore your spiritual level and nurture your soul.

Faith is a funny thing; it is something we all have, yet it is a word that can make people nervous. You have faith in opportunity that the perfect job will come along, faith in your man to take care of your heart, and faith in yourself to overcome all things that may alter your plans, but to have faith in a higher being; that is iffy. Why? Personally for me, having faith in God was never the problem, because no matter what problems have befallen me, He has cleaned them up and pulled me through. Now you most certainly can chalk that up to dumb luck or fate and I wouldn't blame you for it, why not? Except inside my soul, deep down in my gut I have this feeling; this undeniable truth that I cannot avoid.

Just like being in love is hard to pin down in words. You can have a range of emotions, and rant on and on about how that person makes you feel like you can fly, but love itself is pretty ineffable. That is what faith is to me, something crucial, necessary to my existence, but hard to always eloquently express. But regardless of how intangible it is, it will always be like my wind, impossible to have proof by sight but I can see its effects on everything around me and can feel its assured presence on my skin.

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Try a cup of faith today mes cheries.

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