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SARI How to wear a SARI

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A sari is an outfit which reveals as much as it hides. Wearing a sari is an art which require practice.
A perfectly draped sari makes personality but a clumsily draped sari can equally bring down the look of the Sari and spoils the whole appearance of the woman. So just make a note on some basic steps about how to drape a sari in different styles.
Sari is worn on different occasions and thus there are number of sari drapping styles available. If you are going to an office its advisable to pin up your sari, this looks smart and is manageable too. For parties, just pin up the tip of the sari and let the rest fall on your hdand. This gives a very graceful look. We understand how important it is to know how to wear sari in proper style thus we learn you how to wear a sari in different styles with illustrated demonstrations in different step

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