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Soul Composer

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life turns corners so quickly and before you know it, time has gone by, people have changed and new possibilities have taken their course. Sometimes you find yourself reluctant to let go of the past and sometimes you might be sprinting away from it, in the hopeful escape of an exciting future. But remember, everything always happens for a reason. That guy didn't call back because there was a better one waiting to bump into you around the corner. You didn't get that scholarship because another school is ready to give you far more possibilities than you envisioned for yourself. We go about planning away trying to control something that is impossible to pencil into a calendar. In retrospect everything makes sense, and you can clearly see how another path would have not been the best thing for you. That's the frustrating thing about life: patience and trust. Having faith that everything will work out, because time after time they always have. As you wind around the corners of your life remember that. Try and let things go and trust that it will all be OK. Rather than be afflicted about the future, revel in the possibility of today. Take each days problems as they come and you find over time that you have happily made it into the future from one little step at a time.


Start keeping a journal. Looking back on old worries can be reassuring that your new ones will resolve just as well. Give yourself an intimate glimpse into your own mind, and discover mysteries deep within your heart. Flipping through your life, once you've poured out your heart on paper can be a beautiful lesson about the workings of your soul.

What will be your Dear Diary mes cheries?

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