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Dream Big

Monday, September 13, 2010

It is a strange feeling to know you are smack dab in the middle of living out your dreams. But your wildest dreams only happen if you seize them mes cheries. Yes it is risky, because to gain big you have to gamble big, but what if you always played it safe? If you always live in the black and white box where nothing happens to you, you may never get hurt, you may never fail, but you will also never fly and you will never succeed. Life is too short to rob yourself of its fullest potential. Have you ever considered that you are the only thing holding you back from your greatest potential?


When we are kids we dream big and don't think about any repercussions because nothing in our minds is worth sacrificing the prize where we have our eyes fixed. Then somewhere between Barbie dolls and diplomas we enter a world of confusion and hesitation. We justify ourselves by calling this reality, but isn't reality just the environment you create for yourself? Of course we have responsibilities, financially and so forth, but who's to say you can't up and change your life if its not what you want? You can. We psych ourselves out and say that no one really lives out their dreams once they grow up, is that really being a grown-up? Living a bland vanilla life of paycheck to paycheck, mortgage payment to car payment to the grave? What if you want a world of color, a world of adventure, excitement, and challenge? What if you actually delivered on all the things you promised your daring younger self?


Faith was never meant to be a drug,
to sedate us through a life that we hated.
~Steven Furtick


Find your dream and take that leap of faith. It is better to gain wisdom through living your dreams then to always live in the depression of what-if. Your dreams are what make you unique, so go get them and show me what you've got mes cheries!

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