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Since the First Day

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I loved you since the first day... I believe that I love you for always.

What is so wrong with love? When did our society build up such a phobia of this word? Love is the scariest , most thrilling, unnerving, rewarding thing you can experience. But the only way to experience it, is to take the risk and dive in head first, unprotected, and vulnerable. And yes, that is scary as hell, but the crazy insanity that follows, the feeling that you will never return to Earth, that is the feeling worth all the risk.

Hearing I love you is such a wonderful feeling, and as people, we need love to keep us going in this nonsense world. If you love someone SAY IT! What if you never say it and then they leave and you lose the one person you ever truly cared about because they didn't know you felt the same? Don't allow movies and TV shows to convince you that I love you is this scary step in a relationship that should only be done on Society's Timeline. You know what? You decide your relationship's timeline. If you like a girl, call her, don't wait three days. If you love someone, tell them. If it feels right, then it feels right, and waiting four months isn't going to change that.

Who do you love mes cheries?

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