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My Love Affair with NYC...One Coffee at a Time - The Guest Blogger Series

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

As my search continues for mi casa, here is a much more fun search for anyone out in the city in the near future. Coffee shops are one of my favorite things; atmosphere and a good brew complete either with friends or just a good book. And as much as I love Starbucks, I prefer finding those unique places that surprise you. In NY you can be literally anywhere, take a 360 degree turn, and see at least one Starbucks. So, in a city hard pressed for small boutique cafes Janet from Designing Mazorie blog has pieced together your perfect Scavenger Hunt for the Best Brews of Manhattan!

I have lived in NYC for a little over four years and while my life has changed in so many ways one thing remained the same…my love of coffee. I am rarely seen without a cup in hand between the hours of 9am to 5pm. This obsession habit might be a costly one but I really enjoy nothing more than showing up to my local coffee spot, grabbing the newest fashion magazine, ordering my usual latte, and sipping while the city rolls by.

So when Jessica asked me to write a guest post for The Embellished Life, I could think of nothing I would want to share more than my favorite coffee spots in the city.

Grounded- Located in the heart of West Village, this place won my heart over with their Sweet-and-Nutty lattes. Go here, order one to-go, and then take a walk down Bleeker Street… You’ll never be happier!

Think- With several locations in the city it is an absolute must. Never will you be caught in Starbucks again. Order the Spanish Latte, which is espresso with condensed milk and it’s deliciously rich! They also make a mean grilled cheese so come hungry.

La Colombe- If you want an amazing cup of coffee while eying NYC’s most fabulous, come here. The space is simple, open and uncluttered. Bring your best friend along and talk about the fashions walking by the large windows.

Ost CafĂ©- It’s an open, friendly location with knowledgeable staff. They use a double shot of espresso, which seems suitable for the bowl-sized latte. A great place to read a book or bring your laptop for the free Wi-Fi. This place is right around the corner from me, which makes it even better! Maybe I will see you there sometime?

MUD- Want a huge heavy mug filled with delicious drip-coffee while enjoying 90’s R&B…well at least that’s what’s always playing when I come in. Love it! They have great food here too and a nice garden-like area to sit out back.

Stumptown at the ACE Hotel- Locally roasted, conscious bean buying, and expertly operated espresso machines make this place a must. You will never want to leave. Once you have your coffee in hand walk on into the ACE hotels amazing lobby area, where you’ll find cozy couches and fabulous lighting.

Saturdays Surf- I know confusing right…but this coffee bar located in a SoHo surf shop will make you very happy. The baristas/sales associates are super nice and down-to-earth. There is also a huge outdoor seating area in back.

Madeleines Patisserie- OK this one is kinda a cheat…I don’t really come here for the coffee. I come here for the delicious, best-you-will-ever-have almond croissants. But in order to enjoy these croissants fully they serve a good cup of coffee and you can sit in the quaint seating area pretending you’re in a French Patisserie. Why not?

Tarallucci E Vino- With patio seating and glasses of good wine also an available option this place rocks. I love coming here on a sunny day with the girls, ordering coffee and yummy pastries and chatting the day away. This is also a great place to come after a dinner date for dessert and coffee.

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