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Good to the Last NY Drop

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amongst the craziness that is Settling into NYC, I have squeezed in my fair share of coffee drinking. I am trying to mentally bookmark the places that ate not Starbucks for a nice change of pace. Yes I love Starbucks, but I kind've love unique locally owned cafes more. Pourquoi pas mes cheries...

While in The Village last weekend a huge cold wind flew by and instantly left me yearning for a good frothy brew. Imagine my joy when I literally look up to find this hidden gem?!

The Roasting Plant Company is a quaint little getaway, literally lined wall to wall with a selection of NYC inspired beans. You select one and they grind and brew the beans fresh to order. There is even a nifty grinder working in the window!

Be sure to head down to
11th Street and Greenwich Ave for your own cup
of Central Park Brew today!
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