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Paris vs NYC

Monday, November 22, 2010

It is interesting to me how depending on the personality, each person will have a different opinion of what the greatest city is. For me, there is no competition to New York City being the most exciting city on the planet. As much as I love Rome for its ancient beauty, Paris for its romance and London for its edgy eccentricity... New York is the place with the excitement, the art, the massive diverse culture, the in-your-face, fast paced excitement that I thrive off of in life. I am learning more and more that I can find a shop or restaurant of anything I may be seeking...of course I will never forsake traveling to the actual cultural origin (traveling is my first love) but for a place to call home, New York takes the cake.

I discovered this graphic artist Vahram Muratyan last week who has done a wonderful rendition of Paris vs New York and I think it is a great graphic print series. You can find more prints as he adds them on his blog Paris vs NYC.

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