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The Long Sleeve Dilemma

Monday, January 10, 2011

This is rarely something I notice until Winter but there is a surprising lack of well designed Long Sleeve Dresses on the market! It gets cold and somehow I'm expected to still wear the skimpy dresses of my Summer days? I don't think so! In addition, I know my Mother Dearest always complains when shopping for dresses because she needs sleeves to cover her arms that she doesn't love, but doesn't want to look like a frumpy grandma in a matching blazer/dress set...what is a girl to do? Help is on the way my dearies because it turns out there are some great dresses to cover those arms and still arrive in style... you've just got to know where to look!

For something a bit more casual you could layer up this red jersey number from Forever 21.

This Nicole Miller would be great for the office, as would this Chetta B.

This Zac Posen would be gorgeous for a woman of any age on a fancy night.

I am in love with this Aiden Mattox for a fun night out on the town, especially with the surprising dip in the back...my trademark! 

But this Redux Charles Chang really steals the show. 
Arm grabbing and stunning, you can still be swept around the dance floor with no need to fear flab. 

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