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Lady Gaga Bio

Sunday, February 20, 2011

March 28, 1986 by Lady Gaga Stefani birth name is Joanne Germanotta Angelina birth. Since then she has one of the most important American artists of the record should be. Its activities concert in Lower East Side started in New York City rock scene. She then rationalize their first record was established in 2007, only a few moved nyeonwa negotiations.


Her last studio album was released in August 2008, is gaining popularity as the title track of "Poker Face" and her debut album "Just Dance", America's Top 100 Songs chart-friendly, international hits. This album broke six Grammy nominations in 2009 won two awards this spring. The last part of 2009 she released her second album, man, who was instantly catapulted to fame is fit subject for artists.


Lady Gaga and David Bowie, Freddie Mercury a few rockers like the queen of pop star Michael Jackson is very noticeable and Madonna to name a few, inspired. Marilyn Manson on luxury fashion trend eccentric Lady Gaga light somewhere in the mix, I would be surprised if it was not.


Lady Gaga gwireulhayeo more pop piano at age four, and as a superstar's own music, unlike most. 17 years studying music, she at New York University's Tisch School of Arts, after the adoption, her music, arts, social studies and American politics are concentrated. She is quoted as saying, "You can learn how to go about the art, if you think you can learn." second year at some point in her musical career has moved from his college to complete. She rented an apartment cheap, nutritious foods, eat more affordable housing, they are hard working, talented and ambitious in a road traffic collision.

Stage name

When entering a recording studio instead of saying hi to her address, Queen's Radio Gaga will sing a song. It was the sign into the studio it. The name Lady Gaga actually happened by accident. Music producer, Rob Fusari, apparently, he sent a text message song Queen's Superstar see the day when my hair was a song that stayed on. Correction Auto Programme spelling that you have, the words on the radio to get the Lady, Lady Gaga !


What an inspiration this woman could? She is very stylish debut. In fact, it is virtually the production team as they are overseas staff, began his fashion house. Their hairstyles, clothes and shoes to help create. As a well-dressed, the character is caught by her mother. Fashion Music Plus in the eyes of Lady Gaga Performing Arts compliant.

Bad romance of diamonds

Gaga music video of a bad romance in the second verse of her veil, including diamond, diamond-studded dress is wonderful. Is she left with bracelets and anklets wearing a white leather boots, and two wrist ornaments. Alone, the film opens interesting sport a costume. The most beautiful scene, the camera rotates around Kaga black bikini with white simulated diamonds floating all around. best in the music video was produced by a so far. Diamond videos, jewelry and music are the same conclusions from this incident is considered the king.

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