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New York Fashion Week Fall Review: ADAM Runway Show

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have dreamed of New York Fashion Week since I was very young... attending a glitzy runway show all decked out for Fall or Spring in the rarest of form was what I was daydreaming of in Algebra! So I must say, finally attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was most definitely a dream come true, and all I thought it would be... frenzied and fabulous!

So please enjoy the review of the ADAM fashion show,
you may even hear my heart skipping a beat through my camera!

 Everyone mingling before the lights dim for the runway show to start.

A Note From ADAM:
The starting point in designing every collection is the woman who wears my clothes. She appreciates the discovery in the everyday and reflects it in her personal style.  
Recently, I saw a small but breathtaking exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian in lower Manhattan. The show highlights art and objects from Native peoples ranging from Alaska to Argentina. I have long felt the American Indian culture to be one of the most beautiful and I walked away from the visit inspired. this led to the colors, textures, and details that are the foundation of this collection.

Nude is THE hot color, so start peeling your eyes for some fab finds while shopping!

The show was lovely and I left inspired for Fall and ready to embrace my inner American Indian...ok so I don't actually have any Native decent in me...but I can still rock the look right?!

What do you lovelies think?

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