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New York Fashion Week: Inspirational Dreams

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New York Fashion Week is definitely consuming my life right now, but it is oh so dreamy and inspirational! 

Outfit #4 is LAYERS!
Target Dress  |  Express Vest
Bamboo Cobalt Blue Booties
(notice the victorian buttons down my leggings!)
Old sash turned Headpiece complete with heirloom brooch!

This gal is wearing my must have for this Spring... Midriff Top! 
I'm so excited for warmer weather that I am embracing belly shirts
for th first time in my life!

The new Diet Pepsi Skinny Can has premiered at NYFW and 
Betsey Johnson decked out the cute Pepsi girls for the occassion. Betsey is so amazing!

 It has been interesting to see how  much technology has effected even Fashion Week. There is now a blogger central in the center of the sponsor tent...does anyone else remember the days when bloggers had no street cred? Three cheers for progress! There are also many stations set up in the tent where visitors can film a live video reporting from Lincoln Center and take a photo shoot for Mercedes Benz and the files are sent straight to your inbox!

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